Help me find a humble black dress.
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Simple, casual, short-sleeved black dress. Do you have one? Where'd you get it?

I am mourning the loss of my favorite dress. It was black and short-sleeved; some kind of stretch material; fell to mid-thigh. It was semi-form-fitting, but not exactly clingy. There were no fussy, trendy features, but it didn't look dowdy. The material was medium-weight - appropriate for any season with the proper outerwear. It could be dressed up or down and traveled well. I suspect it fell victim to the hotel room gods or something, because I can't find it.

Do you have a similar dress that you've purchased recently? Where did you get it? I've searched ModCloth, etc., to no avail.
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I like that jersey material, and it's so easy wash, pack, and wear.

And another Target, LBD.

At any rate, check out the site.
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I have two, both just-above-the-knee A-lines with a shell top (no sleeves.) I believe they're both jersey. One was from Calvin Klein's Macy's line and the other was Ralph Lauren from the lower-level Lauren collection ($100 ballpark?), found at Marshall's; has a built-in belt with a little gold clasp. They're amazing, impossible to wrinkle, and good for funerals as well as work and cocktail things.
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I just recently bought one with almost exactly that description at H&M.
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I have one that I love - it's this one only in black from Lauren Ralph Lauren and I bought it at Macy's. There are a couple of other versions with different waist and neckline treatments. They are longer than your lost dress. To me, that makes them more versatile, but you could always hem it. I would really recommend checking out Macy's or Lord & Taylor, both of which have "little black dress" sections in many of their stores.

On preview: seriously, jetlagaddict is right, these Lauren Ralph Lauren jersey dresses are crazy useful and cute.
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Forever 21
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Sounds like I need to check out Macy's (though not the one in my podunk town). There are several cute things at that Forever 21 page too.
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I have two black ponte sheath dresses from Talbots and I absolutely love them. They're trend-resistant, sleek and stretchy without being clingy, super comfortable, and work in all but the most casual situations.

Talbots is pricey, but they regularly have excellent sales: I paid about $30 for each of my dresses. If you're on a budget and need a dress this week you might not be able to find something, but keep an eye on the "sale" and "outlet" sections of their website.
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What's your budget? My two favourite LBDs are on either end of a large scale - one from Mango, the other from D&G.
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I have the following dresses from H&M in several colors. They are shown quite tight but you can size up and they look just fine looser. I bought them thinking they would fall apart in one season but they are going on 3 years and still look good, and I don't do anything special to care for them. They look fantastic on their own, with flat sandals in summer, and equally great with leggings and boots in winter, or with fancy heels.

I adore them and I will probably buy more this season.

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Try Ann Taylor. That's where I got my go-to black dress.
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I have one from Old Navy that I got a few weeks ago. Don't see it on their site anymore, but you might have luck in the store. It's exactly as you describe. Very simple. Scoopneck, short sleeved, comes to just above my knee. A-line. That's it.
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TV chef Nigella Lawson has been wearing a lovely black dress with white collar during the filming of her new series/book, Nigellissima - she replied to a sourcing query on Twitter and that company, The Pretty Dress Company has lots of casual to smart dresses in black (the Hourglass Vintage Wiggle Pencil Dress gets my vote for the name alone!).
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Yes. Black jersey, DKNY. There's an even less expensive line DKYNC but I haven't tried it.. I got mine on sale from Bloomingdale's online.
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