Where can I find some good halloween background images for a photo booth?
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Where can I find some good halloween background images for a photo booth?

I volunteered to set up a photo booth at work for our halloween party. We have a lot of adults that dress up for a contest and a ton of kids come through for trick or treating. I have a nice green-screen backdrop and the software set up to do background replacement.

But I was hoping for some help finding some cool halloween-themed high resolution pictures that would be suitable for replacing the green screen background with. I'm trolling through flickr and stuff but hoped someone might have a better idea of where to look.
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I'd probably be looking for stuff that was B&W so that the person in front of it would be in decent contrast [if this is a color photo booth] otherwise you'll be in danger of busy costume + busy background = total mess. I often look to places like Wikimedia Commons or the Library of COngress American Memory project and type in some random words like "autumn" or "halloween" or even something like "pumpkins"
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I'm hoping to find a few and then people can pick the one they like (after the fact). Good point with B&W though.
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If you (or someone you know) have Illustrator or another vector-editing program, Vecteezy has some free Halloween-themed vector images.
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You may find something suitable at DoverPictura.com. It's a new website from Dover Publications that sells high resolution, royalty-free images by the collection or individual image sheet.
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