"Companion themes" for Tumblr and WordPress?
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Is there (a) such a thing as "companion themes" for WordPress and Tumblr and, if so, (2) where do I find them...? Yeah, so, my new personal project is about writing, not design (which is where all the time goes that I think I should be spending writing...) I want to collate images from Tumblr blogs onto my own Tumblr blog, then write about (some of?) the images and post it on a WordPress blog that's parked at my personal URL. Since I can't go all designery and both platforms are theme-based, I'm wondering if anyone's seen what I'll call "companion themes," for lack of a better term: themes that are adapted for the specific features of each platform, but that share at least a common aesthetic, if not full UI.
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Does it have to be Wordpress? I was able to match this Tumblr theme pretty easily to my Indexhibit site. Took a little bit of CSS tinkering but nothing major. Actually, there's probably a Wordpress theme that matches Indexhibit.

Many of the Tumblr themes on that site are simple enough to match to a lot of different themes on other platforms so maybe take a look at that.
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The only one I know of is rank. Having said that, if you had 3 or 4 potential Tumblr themes in mind, I bet we could find you closely matching WP themes in a snap. There's very little at Tumblr I've not seen for WP.
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bradbane, it has to be WordPress only because (a) it was available via auto-install from the host I'm using and (b) it's defaults don't suck and (c) part of this whole "project" is to NOT be that guy, who sets up a site to host writing but spends all his time tweaking the CSS... ;-)

DarlingBri, the Tumblr theme I started with is a freebie named "Single A" - bare bones, small pop of color... The one you found is a little floral for my taste, but that's precisely the sort of setup I was thinking of.
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