Suggestion for Custom Buttons/Pins?
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I'm looking for recommendations for a good online company to produce custom buttons/pins/badges/whatever you'd like to call them. Those round buttons with the pin on the back. You know.

I design cd covers, t-shirts, posters, etc, etc, etc for a friend's band, and I have sources for getting all of that stuff produced. Now he wants to get buttons made to hand out gratis at his next concert. I knew a place long ago that I trusted, but have course long since lost that information. A Google search turns up a zillion hits for companies that offer this service, and it's hard to tell who's cool and who's fly by night.

I'd like to know if any AsKMeFites might have had pins done before, and can give me a positive recommendation of who to use. These will be just your standard 1" round buttons with the safety pinback, the kind that basically just have your logo or whatever placed on a piece of paper and bonded to the button with a clear piece of plastic pressed over the design and fastened to the metal backing of the button.

(caveat: I searched for "badges", "Buttons", "pins", and "custom" in various combinations in the archives, and couldn't find a previous question similar to this.)
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I use Stick It To Me Buttons. 100 pins for $20 and they look great and the turn-around is pretty fast.
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never delt with them just know they have good prices
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Busy Beaver Buttons in Chicago. Super-duper-fast turnaround, and cheap.
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In the UK, are a good bet.

Slight disclaimer: I vaguely internet-know one of the folk running the site, but am basing the recommendation on ordering badges for a friend's wedding from them - very fast turnaround, good quality.
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I'm a repeat customer of Punkit. they do full color 1", 1.25", and 1.5" buttons, with free first class shipping. Very reasonable prices, too: 50 1" buttons for $13, 100 for $23, and so one. there are pages and pages of previous samples.
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Response by poster: You people rock. God, how I love AskMeFi.
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Ditto on the Busy Beaver. I've used them - they're quick, quality, and if you're in town, you can pick 'em up.

oh, and the prices are rad too.
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I third Busy Beaver. I've had nothing but good experiences with them.
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I've used B.Y.O.Buttons. Good prices, very professional.
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