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So...I am currently in my last year of law school (woo!) and I want to plan a wonderful winter holiday as a last hurrah before I enter the work force and having substantially less time off. Guidance and sage wisdom needed!

Dear Hive Mind,

My fiance and I have about 3 weeks off around Christmas (approx. Dec 17 - Jan 5) and we have not been able to decide on what to do for the break. We like traveling and generally have little/no restrictions on possible locations.

To give a bit of context: last year we visited Brazil and the year before we went to Germany and France. As this will be my last big break I really would like to have something amazing to look forward to.

We are open to any place that is less than 10-12 hours flight from the Northeast - and though we would prefer to find sun/warmth, I suppose that is not an absolute must. Nothing fancy (2 poor grad students) and scenic would be lovely.

Any suggestions would be much much appreciated. Right now we are drawing the blankest of blanks.


i have read previous questions but the asker was in slightly different situations.
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That's a really nice time to be in SE Asia ie Cambodia, Laos, Thailand. Though not sure about getting there from the NE.
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Hawaii during the winter is the best! Only 10 hrs from the NE: the winter is whale-watching season (they winter in Hawaii, summer in Alaska). Do it, you won't regret it. Hawaii is perfect in the winter, not quite as hot & humid as you'll find it in July or August.
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OK Japan is longer than 12 hours from NE... but *beautiful*. It can be as expensive or inexpensive as you want. Hostels are super clean; and cheap minshuku's abound. It's beautiful in the snow, and there's hotsprings all over the place, and lots of wintry drinks and food (big bowls of ramen, sake, tea). Lots of areas where there's no snow, too. There's tons of easy public transport. I lived there for a bit, if you want more specific memail me.
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