What do you mean you don't have any formal logic t-shirts?
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Recommendations for Baltimore-area screen printing or online that delivers within a week?

I'd like to get custom text-with-graphic printed onto, preferably, a hoodie. A t-shirt would be ok in a pinch. Which online, Baltimore-area, or DC-MD-VA places that can deliver by this coming Friday would you recommend? I can only pick up from places accessible by the MTA in Baltimore. I've read that sites like zazzle and cafepress don't use good quality ink, so I'm trying to stay away from those, unless that's false. I need it by Friday because I have to wear it on Monday morning. I just need one hoodie/t-shirt, but I'm highly likely to use this service again for other one-off t-shirts in the future. Bonus if some of these places can print on mugs (I'll need that in December). I'd be happy to support local individuals as well, but I don't have a lot of time to search or post ads at MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art) or wherever so I don't know where to begin without direct recommendations. Many thanks, hivemind.
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Can you create the design you want on your own computer? If so, since you only need one and you need it on Monday, I would recommend DIY. Go to an office supply store and pick up some iron-on transfer paper. Go to a craft store or clothing store for a light-colored hoodie (light-colored is important here). Print your design. Iron it on. Done.
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