cheap health insurance?
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I've had to move to florida and for the near future will have no health insurance. Any suggestions on how to go about buying some?

I know it's going to be be expensive, but any tips are appreciated. Companies, things to look for, how much I need, etc etc.
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Just get catastrophic insurance if you only plan on keeping the policy for a year.
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If you're looking for something inexpensive that won't pay for the sniffles, but will pay if you get cancer/hit by a bus, consider a short-term catastrophic plan.

I think that Fortis/Assurant is the gorilla in the space.
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Did you have health insurance at a previous full-time job? If so, and it's within (I think) 18 months of your departure, you can sign up for COBRA... your same health insurance as at your previous employer.
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Response by poster: Thanks mark, but no, I'm basically starting over.

I'll probably end up going back to school for 2 years and working a part time job, so I don't think the short-term insurance plan will work, though it's interesting.

Thanks for all the info everyone. I'm exploring the links now.
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When my wife and I got married, before we had full-time jobs with benefits, we used a short-term health insurance company and got pretty good coverage for under 100 bucks a month.
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It doesn't answer your question {where to find insurance}, but consider 'self-insurance' if you're young, healthy, and have few expenses.

If you have a reasonable expectation of finding a job with an employer health plan in the near future, you may be better off banking what you would have spent on premiums and assuming the risk yourself.

But, it is a risk!
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Many universities offer a highly discounted health plan, under the idea that students are healthy...but still need health insurance. Check where you're going to school.
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Humana has an insurance plan for self insured people. I used it for awhile. It's called Humana One, and their website is the same name.
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"Search AskMetafilter" is your friend.

info, one of my posts on the issue, and all the posts on health.
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Response by poster: "Search AskMetafilter" is your friend.

Yeah, thanks, but I used it. Was hoping someone might be familiar with florida.

Many universities offer a highly discounted health plan

I plan on looking at that once I enroll. My experience in the past is that they didn't cover much, but it's worth a shot.

Again, thanks for all the links everyone. Now I just have to compare compare compare.
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"I think that Fortis/Assurant is the gorilla in the space."

Fortis hassled the hell out of me while I was on a short-term plan and... got sick. FWIW. YMMV.

Contact your State Insurance Regulatory Office (try here for a start). They may have a list of companies who sell to individuals. They may also have a list of companies who suck.

Also, regarding NorthCoastCafe's comment: yes, if you're young and healthy and disciplined, definitely try a medical savings account approach. But don't do it with *no* insurance. Get some catastrophic or traditional indemnity or even a PPO plan with a high deductible.
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Make sure when filling out the application form that you don't disclose any health problems. I made the mistake of saying I had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes which is treatable by eating right. I was denied by Blue Cross - those bastards. Leave out any smoking info or even drinking, etc.
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