How to turn grandma's handwriting into gift.
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Can you help me think of a great xmas gift for my mom that incorporates my deceased grandmother's handwriting?

My mom (who is the most amazing woman ever) keeps an old casserole dish in her cabinet because my grandma (her mom...who was equally amazing) wrote her last name on it in kinda scrawly old lady writing. My mom says she likes seeing it when she is getting out the peanut butter or what have you. I took a picture of the dish/name when I was there last and would like to come up with some way to print it on something that would be a nice gift. I was thinking maybe it would be cool to have a simple planning calendar type soft cover book made with the name in grandma's handwriting on the cover. Is that easily done? Maybe there is a better better idea?
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seeing it's with cooking how about an embroidered apron? or doesn't she cook?

printers just need a good scan of it. ask them the format.
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What about jewelry? There are lots of ways (stamping, engraving, casting) to put custom lettering or designs onto sterling-silver pendants and other metal wearables-- it'd be pricier than a book, but also something non-perishable that she could keep with her. I assume this could be done from a photograph, since the person would just have to trace (or maybe even scan) the handwriting. Etsy (look around for products you like, then PM the person to ask about custom jobs) or your local jewelry store could probably help with that.

Alternatively, it's SUPER easy and fairly cheap to have a paper graphic embedded (with or without additional collage-y items like dried flowers or other pictures) in a clear resin cabochon for use as a pendant/bracelet charm/keychain/whatever. Ditto Etsy as a first step if you go the resin route.
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Have it printed on a picture frame, and then insert a picture of your grandmother (and your Mom together?) in it.
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It could be etched onto glass? mirror? and then...
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What about adapting this idea to make tea towels?
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There is photo transfer decal paper available for firing an image onto ceramic pieces. The product that I am thinking of can be printed out on any printer that does NOT have an option to print in color. So, black and white only. The image then fires to a sepia color. Memail me if you want some help finding that stuff, I don't have the information right here at my fingertips. You could have someone fire the signature onto a coffee mug or a pitcher or another casserole dish or a tile...
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Have a woodworker carve it into a block of wood.
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Bardolph has a nice idea. If you go on Etsy, you can find many jewelers that use bits and pieces of writing resined (for example) into jewelry. It would be lovely to custom order a piece with your grandmother's handwriting.
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These are great ideas! I'm thinking an apron (because my husband cooks and has tons of his late mother's handwritten recipes around.) And coffee mugs of course are often made up with photos on them.
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A good scan and prints on laser color paper or other paper that will take mod podge and throw it on anything that she might like - a vase, a sign (oooh, blown up in a hung wood decoration~)
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How screwed up is it that my first thought was a tattoo?

My second thought is to have it embroidered on pot holders, apron or oven mitts.

Can be an annual theme.
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Oooh! I totally just saw a great project for this! Turn recipes into tea towels using Picasa and Spoonflower. Or, you know, just a signature. :)
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You guys, thank you from the bottom of my heart. There should be a hug button...and I would hug each of you for your thoughtful answers. I have this great mental image of kidnapping my 60 year old mom and taking her to a tattoo parlor on xmas morning! but the tea towels are just perfect. Thank you again!
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