iPad email issues
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iPad email connexion problems.

I'm trying to resolve a problem with my mother's email on her iPad. Her email account is via Easily. It's fine on her home computer and also when she's at home using her iPad to connect to her home wi-fi. She spends a lot of time staying with a friend, however, and when she's there she can receive emails but not send them. She can access the internet ok in both places. She's at the friend's at the moment and yesterday I reset her outgoing email details to be the same as on her friend's own iPad (Sky server details, user ID is the friend's email address, password is the friend's). This means she can send emails but they appear to be from her friend and if anyone replies to her the emails go to the friend. I'm stuck - if I change the friend's user ID the emails won't send. Any advice appreciated - thank you.
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My guess is that the wrong outgoing mail server is in place (or the account was never set up with an outgoing mail server in the first place. Open up the account under the mail tab and scroll down until you see Outgoing Mail Server. Tap on the field below that headigng and see what it says. There may not be anything there at all. You'll need to go through the Easily FAQs to figure out what outgoing mail server she needs to use. It may be easier to just delete the account and set everything up again.
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MY guess is that your mom's ISP blocks SMTP connections from outside of their own network. Set her up with a gmail account and forward her ISP mail account to it. Then send and receive through Gmail.
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What COD said. Your mom's ISP may require authenticatication to send email when remote, or the ISP may block sending email remotely altogether.

Do a web search for her ISP's name plus "SMTP" and see if there's a support page that describes SMTP configuration, including how to connect and whether a username and password are required. Check that the iPad has these settings.

This is an anti-spammer feature, so random internet-connected computers can't use the ISP's mail servers to blast their MAKE MONEY FAST! emails.
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