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What does kasasa mean? I heard a lot of it this morning in radio commercial, but did not understood what it means.

As the title question is.
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It may be right in another meaning. In the context I heard about it has something to do wit financial or banking.
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Well, the first thing I thought of was Rewards Checking accounts.
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La Caixa is a large Spanish bank, and the word "caixa" is in a lot of other Spanish bank names.
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Kasasa is a brand of reward checking accounts offered by many banks.
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Nothlit has it.
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Yep, mskyle and Nothlit are right! Kasasa is a brand of free checking and savings accounts and money management tools, only offered by community banks and credit unions (the good guys). Great timing for this question too as we just wrote a blog post on how we came up with the name! https://www.kasasa.com/blog/2012/10/earth-kasasa.html
-Peggy (Social Media Coordinator for Kasasa)
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