Mysterious Skull Logo
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What is this logo, and what does it say?

Asking on behalf of a friend who saw this on a picture of a shirt and proceeded to baffle the lot of us with it. It's just on the far side of legible. It appears to be a golden skull with a crown, crossed bones (probably), a number 10 at the bottom, and words along the sides. I've tried various permutations of those words along with a Google similar-image search to no avail. Could someone help us answer this pesky question?
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Where did your friend see said shirt and how big was this logo on it?
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Horrible picture. Maybe a Calavera?
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Context of any kind would be helpful. I think I'm seeing an "et" at 11 o'clock and "vitas" from 1 to 3ish, perhaps followed by "1732", but that seems unlikely if the big red 10 is meant to indicate a 10th anniversary. That there appears to be a W at 9 o'clock suggests that it's not Latin at all, which doesn't do much for the " vitas..." theory. Oy, my eyes hurt now.
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I think the figure is not a skull and bones, but rather a little crown-wearing skull dude holding up his arms and making rock-and-roll signs of the beast \m/ . Ozzy Ozbourne and other metal bands like this type of imagery, so maybe a music festival or some such? Location of the photo would be nice.

I'm 90% confident the left word is "anniversary". If you asked me to type out the right word, I would key in VITARIUMP but that has no good analogue.

Here's some manipulated versions that might help someone else figure this out.
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I wonder if the right hand text says "HIGH SCHOOL"*, which would probably make the left hand text the name of the high school and the "10" representative of a 10 year reunion.
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I'm going with Guitar Jam/Jump Anniversary.
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I can't see the pictures, but I guess this is from Glenn Beck's fashion line.

Yes, no shit.

Although real fashion designer Alexander McQueen has also several variations of the "crowned skull" theme.
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First thing I thought of when I saw the image was a videogame achievement/trophy badge. I pulled it into Photoshop and started using the image transform tool to rotate it, which helped my eyes get past the blockiness of the image. As a result, I'm now pretty convinced that the right-hand text reads "METER JUMP". So my theory is that it's a videogame achievement badge commemorating a "10 METER JUMP" of some sort.

Google failed to help me nail it down any more than that, and when I think about the likelihood of someone wearing a T-shirt with such a minor videogame icon emblazoned on it, my confidence level goes down.
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The first word looks like "abominable" to me. The A, M/W, I combo that I think I see doesn't point to much else. Maybe "abominably" or "atomically"?

I'm trying out a crossword solving application, but can't come up with anything sensible for the second word. The last bit really does look like "jump", but it's not really coming together.
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I tried running it though this program and didn't have much luck reading the words, but maybe someone else will have better eyes than I do.
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