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Driving between Seattle to Walla Walla: best diner?

Leaving on Friday, return drive on Sunday. This our first time on this Seattle to W2 drive. Looking for suggestions for a late lunch or early dinner diner along the route (in between, not near either city). We like all kinds of cuisines, tending toward more healthy stuff, but 'World Greatest (Burger, Shake, etc)' would also be tempting!

Yelp is available but rather hear it from MeFi's.
Are there any place(s) can we look forward to checking out?
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Ooh, you should stop at Tacos Chalita in Ellensburg. It doesn't win any style points--it's a banged-up food track under an awning of an abandoned-looking building--but don't let the decor fool you. The entire menu is fantastic. I stop for a torta on every drive out to the Gorge Amphitheater--it's the best I've had in the region. Check out the Yelp reviews for other suggestions.
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Best answer: I quite like The Yellow Church Cafe in Ellensburg. It definitely wins on the style points. Good food, too.
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In Yakima the Yakima Sports Center is funky and hip.
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Seconding taco truck in Ellensburg.
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Cle Elum has a great greasy spoon/diner called Cottage Cafe.Old school waitresses, big portions, and inexpensive. Yakima has an awesome burger place called Miner's Drive In. The menu is huge, burgers are huge great and the shakes are thick! Burgers are made to order but pretty fast service.
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Mel's Diner in Yakima.
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Response by poster: Gotta love taco trucks...we have a couple of great ones here in my town.

But the food and style looks great at the Yellow Church Cafe, thanks Gurple.
(we'll try to...steer's kitchen being closed between 4-5:00PM)
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