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I have really been enjoying watching the channels I subscribe to on YouTube. I want more great YouTube channels to check out! Please suggest your favorites. (A list of the ones I already watch after the jump.)

I watch: vihart, vlogbrothers, Crash Course, PBS Off Book, minute physics, PBS idea channel, Nurd Rage, Ze Frank, The Lizzie Bennett Diaries, geek and sundry, and (MeFi's own!) David Bull.

What channels should I check out?
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Some of my favorites: 1veritasium, numberphile,periodicvideos, destinws2,cgpgrey,sixtysymbols,thegeekgroup.
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Response by poster: Would you mind a little explanation of what those channels are about?
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More detail:

1veritasium - Various science topics presented in a very compelling way.

Brady Haran Channels - Brady Haran is a video journalist that has a great number of channels, these are my favs.
numberphile - Interesting math topics.
periodicvideos - Chemistry, the channel started with a video for each element.
sixtysymbols - Physics and astronomy topics.

destinws2 - Science series called "Smarter Every Day", really compelling stuff.

cgpgrey - Somewhat similar to vihart, but for science topics.

thegeekgroup - production videos for a hacker space in Michigan, they do various equipment autopsies and high voltage projects. Related is physicsduck.
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I really, really like Jay Smooth. His two YouTube channels are illdoc1 and illdoc1more. He's a hip hop radio show host but he also comments on politics, race, homophobia, lots of interesting progressive stuff. He's been featured on Metafilter a few times (here and here, for example), which is how I found out about him. I could watch him all day long, frankly, and I am not even really interested in hip hop.
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If you end up liking Veritasium and Sixty Symbols, try Minute Physics, for Physics through stick figures in very few minutes.
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I like Equals 3. It's hosted by a guy called Ray William Johnson and at its core it's a review of the best YouTube videos of that week but its presented in a funny, high production value kind of way.
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Grand Illusions demonstrates neat toys that have some educational component (topology, geometry, etc).
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I like HuskyStarcraft. He commentates on professional-level Starcraft 2 matches. It might seem weird that I watch it when I've never even played the game at all, but it's oddly entertaining to learn about the various strategies and units within the game and how they combine to form some ridiculously awesome matchups. Even though it isn't quite as "general interest" as some of the other suggestions, I still like it enough to plug it once in a while. :)
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Watch It Played. Canadian bloke (and often his kids) play board games - not to review them, just so you can see whether you'd like them or not.
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