Encase my laptop-- please!
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Does anyone make a stylish laptop case?

So someone in another thread recommended Ernest Alexander stuff, which is absolutely spectacular. I recently got one of their messenger bags and love it.

If you go to this webpage, you'll see they make iPad cases and "banker's folios," but no laptop cases. Right now my Macbook pro lives in a hideous black foam thing.

But someone must make one with that Ernest Alexander style, right? Kind of vintage-y, made of good material, a cool color... I can't explain it any better then to say I want something exactly like their iPad cases except for a 13" MBP. Thanks!

(I have seen the other questions and just to be clear: I am looking for mainly a style item that also holds my laptop and keeps it from getting too dirty inside my messenger bag. I don't need a "shell" or hardcore protection. A little cushioning would be nice in case I drop my bag, but not a huge deal.)
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Response by poster: And just to be super-clear, by "case" I probably mean more like "sleeve."
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I've had mine for yeeeears, and they hold up quite well.
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Response by poster: Those are cool but not really my style. I guess I'm looking for something a little more "vintage" and probably a solid color and probably leather or similar material.
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Best answer: Hard Graft is kind of expensive but may be right up your alley.
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Response by poster: Hard Graft is kind of expensive but may be right up your alley.

Right on both counts. That's almost exactly what i want, but if others have more affordable alternatives, or ones with more color choices, I'd still love to see them.
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Cityslicker covers or these folks will make you whatever you want.
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You might be able to make one of those cases yourself — they look really simple. Check out my FPP on the subject for how-tos and ideas.
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Joli Originals makes a really stylish, minimalistic leather sleeve.
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I don't have the City Slicker, but I can vouch for the quality of Waterfield products.
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You could try searching for leather laptop sleeves on Etsy. This one looks an awful lot like those Ernest Alexander iPad sleeves to my eye.

Or maybe something like this or this or this?
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Seconding Etsy.

I found these cases from P.A.P. for 115 Euros + shipping. They're pretty similar to the Ipad cases in your link, but I think they're overpriced.

Also: Ally Capellino's 13" case for 40 pounds + shipping.
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I know they're not what you've asked for, but these zipperless sleeves by Cote et Ciel are simple, cheap-ish, and just nice.
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Pricey but attractive: Carga MacBook Pro leather sleeve in different sizes.

(I can't personally vouch for them, I just happened to see them the other day while checking out something else on that site.)
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Sorry, I thought I linked to the "Collection slideshow" that gives a better overview, but it's apparently not directly linkable... just click on that text above the photo to see the full-size product pics.
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