Need a vet on the west-side of Manhattan
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I need a veterinarian in Manhattan (Washington Heights, UWS or Inwood preferred). Please come inside if you have a good one.

A few thoughts:

*This is for a chihuahua and a grey tabby cat. We moved from Queens and want someplace closer to home. Easy access from A/C or 1/2/3 trains very important.
*I would prefer one that is not outrageously expensive for routine visits, shots, etc., though I'm not willing to sacrifice quality care, of course.
*One that does boarding for small dogs and cats would be nice.
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I took a cat once to 'Washington Heights Animal Hospital' on Amsterdam Av at 180th Street and it was good.
posted by Paquda at 12:25 PM on October 16, 2012

E had a good cat place when he lived up there. I'll ask him when he gets home
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We have been very happy with Animal General on Columbus at 87th.
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We used to have the same issue and while the Washington Heights Animal Hospital is serviceable, we weren't comfortable takingour cats there for anything other than a check-up. We had a good experience with Symphony Vet on Amsterdam and 96th. (It was also easy to taxi the animals there and back since it was a straight shot down/up Broadway and Amsterdam.)
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I really like the West Village branch of Biscuits & Bath, and feel okay assuming that the quality of service is the same at the UWS branch as well.
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We had a good cat vet at 108th and Broadway. West Side Animal Hospital, I think. They also take care of dogs, but I don't have a dog. Close to the 1/2/3.
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It was nothing like "West Side Animal Hospital" - it was "Riverside Animal Hospital".
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When I lived in Inwood I would take my cats to Broadway Animal Hospital in Riverdale, which was just off the 1 train. I didn't find the prices unreasonable compared to other NYC vets and they were very friendly and good with my cats.
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I don't know Manhattan geography well, but a good friend of mine works at Gotham Veterinary Center (at Columbus and West 95th St.) and is superlatively smart and conscientious.
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Seconding Riverside Animal Hospital / Riverside Veterinary Group. Jane Kasovsky is known to be an excellent surgeon. I think they would be worth looking in to.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the help, all!
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e says the corner of 181 and ft Washington is where he took his cats and they were good
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