Help me diagnose a cable tv problem
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I am having an incredibly annoying problem with my cable tv. When I try to change channels, the info box at the bottom of the screen will start to scroll very rapidly for 20 or 30 seconds. This happens at random, but seems to occur mostly at night.

I first thought it was a stuck button on my remote. Changed remotes to no avail. Then I started to switch out cable boxes. Still no luck. So I figured it was a problem with the line, had a tech come and look and he had no idea what could be causing the problem. A month later I had another tech come and he installed a -10db attenuator on my line and said my signal was too strong. This seemed to help a bit, but not cure the problem. I installed a variable attenuator myself, that went up to -20db and I am still having this freaking problem (3 months off and on - went for two weeks once with no problem, but a few days ago it started up again). Resetting the cable box has no effect. Like I said, it usually starts around 9pm, and may last an hour or all night. It makes it virtually impossible to watch tv. My condo does not allow satellite dishes, or I would have changed months ago (adelphia did give me one month free after the second tech visit, but I really need this solved.) Anyone have an idea what might be going on? My apartment was built in the '80s and I don't have any other problems with the wiring. I have basic cable with HBO, no internet. The cable box is made by scientific atlanta.
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Maybe something else in your house is sending the same signal that a pressed button would send. Try taking the batteries out of other electronic devices in your house, especially remotes and things that send infrared signals. Then get more paranoid and start turning off other things. Finally, bring your TV outside (if the cable can reach), and try it there.
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