Where can I find a decent Wonder Woman costume?
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Why can't I find a good Wonder Woman costume?

I'm looking for a Wonder Woman costume that isn't cheesy. All I can come up with on Google and Ebay are these flimsy, "off-model-Wonder-womanish" things. I am looking for a REAL looking costume, for an adult female, with a golden lariat and those knee high red boots, tiara, bracelets and all. I'm willing to pay over $100 if that's what it takes.
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Hmm, I always see this one in catalogs, but I suppose the skirt does make it cheesy. No lariat, but it does have boots and she appears to be wearing bracelets, though they're not mentioned in the decscription.
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This one doesn't look too hideous, but I don't know if it will fit you, CC.
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Oh, and it's cheaper here.
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There's also the officially licensed DC Comics version.
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Is it OK to suggest making one yourself?
I did recently and it didn't work out too expensive and it looked better than any I've seen for sale.
If you want any tips for how to go about it let me know.
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Have you ever thought of hiring someone to make a costume for you? Hell I would do it if I had the time. That way you get quality fabric and good craftsmanship. Looking at the outfit, it's not very complicated, except for the gold inlays on the bodice, which are probably out of the skillset of a beginning sewer, but not anyone more experienced. And I just looked on eBay - there are tons of nice knee-high red boots to match.

Upon preview - do you have a photograph, KirstyFairbairn? I'd love to see how you did it.
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The link to the image is broken. I was trying to link to the first image here, although I'm sure there are others just as good.
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Response by poster: Those are all close, but I'm really looking for one identical to the Lynda Carter TV version. Like this.

Building my own isn't really an option.

And, as I said. It's for a woman. Though now I'm thinking about all the things I could do with that golden lariat.
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Your link was broken, ColdChef. Original Wonder Woman (Linda Carter) Costume.

And I'd just like to add, while I couldn't find any really good replicas, I did have an enormous amount of fun looking through Google's image search for one.
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Well, here's another licensed Wonder Woman costume, if it helps.

A couple of thoughts:

You could have it made for you by a seamstress. I'm sure that there is a generic Wonder Woman Halloween costume pattern out there and you could just instruct her to duplicate the real one as closely as possible. This would probably run you substantially more than $100 though.

If you live in a larger city and only need this for a one-time dealie, you could try a costume rental store. I think there stuff is generally of higher quality.

You could buy a generic costume and embellish it yourself to look more like the real thing.

Either of these boots might work for you, with a little white duct tape.
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Response by poster: Okay, this is getting really frustrating. I've been searching for this costume all day.

You can't tell me that there aren't some perverted bastards out there making authentic looking Wonder Woman costumes. There just HAS to be.

Everything mentioned here is close but just not quite right.
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You can't tell me that there aren't some perverted bastards out there making authentic looking Wonder Woman costumes. There just HAS to be.

Pervs just want something cheap and plastic. They don't care about your level of detail. So I'm thinking to get what you want you'd have to spend quite a bit or pay someone to make it. I know, not much help.
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Just because this is retardedly fun, I went and dug up some better pictures of the original costume. We could always organize a Metafilteraian raid on the next showing ;).
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Any chance you live in Florida? If you do, Tracy can make it for you. (Scroll halfway down the page.) I would expect you'd have to shell out big bucks to get something so expertly made.

Here's another costume that just sold on eBay for about $250. Maybe sweetandvicious can hook you up with another; she's got the boots and the bracelets up for auction right now.
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I think there are some cosplay people who make costumes for others. This would easily be within their skill level.
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ColdChef, is this for a costume party? If so, could you just hide under furniture or behind curtains, and say you were in your invisible plane?
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the insight, folks (except for you, rob *shakes fist menacingly*), but I think this is just going to be one of those rare cases where AskMe fails.

Thanks, anyway.
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Latex, maybe?
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Response by poster: No. But, thank you, Crash.
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FWIW, I tried to find a WW costume a couple of years ago and also had no luck. I was going to make my own but decided to be Supergirl instead.
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