Do pressure drain cleaners work?
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Anyone used a drain cleaning attachment on a high pressure water cleaner? Do they handle tree roots?

I have a sewer pipe that runs past some pine trees. About every 12 months the roots grow enough to block the pipe. The plumber charges about $150 to snake it. Last time, he used a high pressure jetter to blast the roots with a water jet.
I see that some domestic pressure cleaners come with a similar attachment e.g. Gerni.
Has anybody used one? Are they up to clearing some roots?
The commercial models seem to run up to 4000psi, while the domestic ones top out around 2000psi. Is this enough.
I can't practically replace the pipes, and the run is quite long to use a sleeve inside, and the trees need to stay, so a solution to clear the roots from time to time is best. The pipe is 4 or 5 inches in diameter.
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Have not tried preassure water but taking of tree rots are a temporary solution (they grow back in).

Pros use rotating chains (at least here in Sweden). Just snaking it is not enough I think.
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