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How do I take audio files off MicPhone app on my IPad

I have audio files recorded on my IPad MicPhone app that I need to send to a transcriber. The files are to large to be sent by e-mail. I would like to take them off and send them through YouSendit. How do I get them off. It seems the only option I have is to send them through e-mail. There doesn't seem to be a help desk where I can go for assistance. Help!
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When you sync your iPad with iTunes, can you find MicPhone in the list of apps at the bottom of the Apps "tab" below the sync bar? That's where I go to, for example, add or delete videos from the VLC app.
posted by Sunburnt at 1:23 PM on October 12, 2012

This is what Sunburnt is talking about. It's a way of transfering files to/from apps over USB using iTunes. Apps have to support it, but most that involve some sort of file management do.
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