(UK) Southwest trains advanced tickets - Ashurst or Brockenhurst to London
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(UK) Southwest trains advanced tickets - Ashurst or Brockenhurst to London

Are there ever advance tickets available for the 0741 from Ashurst New Forest to Waterloo on weekdays?

I have been searching on the SW Trains website, and I can find advanced tickets on the next train on that route if I board at Brockenhurst at 0815, but I haven't been able to see advanced tickets from either station for the earlier train or for boarding at Ashurst.

Where can I see a list of what trains and stops have advance tickets?

This is re the following route: http://www.southwesttrains.co.uk/uploads/ptt28december2011.pdf

If not, is there any other way I could save money if I take this train regularly? I notice that I can split the journey at Woking and save £6 on the £37.90 standard rate.

I only take it once per week, so season tickets are not an option.
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There's a thing called "carnet tickets" where you buy a bunch of regular (Anytime) tickets in advance to use whenever you want, and there is a saving over buying them individually. No idea if Southwest offer them though, might want to ring them up and ask.
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@EndsOfInvention - thanks, but it looks like SWTrains don't do Carnets: http://www.mytrainticket.co.uk/carnets.php
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There are some great comments on that Guardian article.
This one looks very promising -- does anyone know where I can query or get a copy of "National Rail Fares CD-ROM" without paying £10?
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Fares between major cities are often cheaper, but it looks like the fare from Southampton is pretty much the same. And none of the usual saver tickets seem to be valid for that journey. Also, looking at fares via other routes to various locations around London, the prices seem to be consistently around the £35 mark. I suspect that it's one of those situations where you might save £5 by putting yourself through a lot of extra inconvenience.

Alternatively there's National Express coaches, which you can take for under £10, although that does add an hour to the journey - depends on how you balance money vs. time...
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UK Rail Forums is the best place to post this sort of query. Many of the forum members work for train companies and have an encyclopaedic knowledge of fares, routes etc.
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