Looking for a good small watch
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Looking for a new watch like the Timex Ironman Sleek.

I've owned a few of Timex's Ironman Sleek watches, and love their size and functionality. However, as the reviews on that Amazon page suggest, the durability leaves a lot to be desired. Both my previous watches have fogged up on the inside, had the paint on the front flake off, and the band cracked on the latest one. As such, I'm looking for potential replacements.

Here are my criteria:
- Small (my previous Ironman Sleeks have been women's versions of a small watch style even though I'm a guy, if that gives you any idea)
- Price around $100 max (although that's flexible)
- Digital with stopwatch, countdown timer, and illumination
- Durable
- Nothing that requires regular charging (e.g., Nike FuelBand), unless you can make a really good case for it

I use my watches when I go running of course, but I usually wear them throughout the rest of the day as well. Thanks in advance!
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I've owned a number of Timex Ironman's through the years and have found that the features for that make them good for running (big easy to read face, large exposed buttons) make them bad for casual wear, especially if you are rough on your watches. About three years ago I stopped wearing my Ironman for anything except actual running/swimming/cycling. The watch that I landed on for casual wear after reading a lot of reviews is the Casio G-Shock. The buttons are recessed, the face of the watch is recessed, it costs about $50 for the classic model, it has a great backlight, and provides the basic functions of stopwatch, alarm, and countdown timer. The model I linked is on the large side and looks a little, er, tactical. The watch is bombproof and I would buy another one if I were to lose this one. Like the Timex Ironman, there are a bewildering range of G-Shock models out there. They make some solar powered G-Shock models if you want to skip the battery altogether and some women's models if you want to try to find something a little smaller.
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Yes to G-Shocks, I currently have a solar/atomic time one that needs no battery or setting, wear it everywhere (including swimming etc.) . If G-Shocks are too big the women's G-Shock range called Baby-G.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions, folks, but even those seem like they're too big. I guess the size-durability tradeoff is too strong! I think that continuing to replace the Ironman is going to be worth it for its small size.
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