Sorry, another Halloween costume idea...
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Halloween costume filter - I have the dress, now what should I be?

Any costume ideas for this dress?

I'm trying to keep it cheap, and while something clever/original would be nice, even "zombie ______" will work.

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Clearly zombie bridesmaid.
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You can catch the brain bouquet!
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Some vampy make-up, fishnets, stilletos, and fake teeth and you're a vampire!
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Do grayscale leggings and makeup and be a black and white movie star.
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Always a bridesmaid, never the Bride of Frankenstein.
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Sexy 50s housewife/bombshell/pin-up look? ;)

I love halter dresses for this look.
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Cigarette girl.
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Are you willing to alter the dress? The dress just screams spiders to me for some reason. Go as a black widow spider and add a black belt with a red buckle (or add a red fabric hourglass shape on top). With alterations you can sew cheap plastic spiders everywhere (your precious children!). This also works well with fishnet stockings or shawls to give the appearance of spider webs.

If you like 1950s ideas, my alternate costume was a crazed 1950s dinner party host - requires a flowery apron, oven mitts, and a baking sheet with cut-up fingers glued to it. It does mean acting the part rather than just letting the costume speak for itself, but you can find everything but the fingers for cheap at thrift stores.
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Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's. The dress doesn't look exactly the same, but with a wig (or a beehive), the tiara, the cigarette holder and opera gloves and the attitude, people will still get it.
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My sister and her friends went one year as "Bait" They got dressed up in cocktail dresses and made hats that looked like lures to wear on their heads. Think Tassles, Feathers and wee fishes.

Comfy, pretty and fun.
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Yeah I was thinking some variant on Vamp, either actual vampire or 40s Film Noir Dangerous Woman thing, or both! Vampire Golightly.
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