They will know what you look like now
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In the US it's frowned-upon to attach a picture to your resume for a non-performance position. The reasoning is that companies would rather not know what you look like so they can't be accused of discrimination. How does this work when applying via LinkedIn? Does your picture get transmitted automatically or do they have to make a choice to view it?
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It's automatic. However, LinkedIn serves the image up in a tiny resolution - basically enough to say "oh, yeah, that's the right John Smith" and that's it. You can't see a full resolution version like on Facebook, for instance.
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I've used LinkedIn in "recruiter" mode once or twice, and I can't remember whether photos were shown. It is possible that it is a configurable setting based on company policy. It is also possible that I had tunnel vision from looking for a particular skillset and just didn't notice photos.
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I currently use LinkedIN Recruiter and can set it to either show photos or not.

We want to avoid seeing information that could lead to claims of discrimination, so I have set it to 'off'.
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