Can I migrate the entirety of my iphone text messages to winmobile if I changes phones?
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smartphones question: Can I migrate my iphone text message history to win-mobile should I decide to do so?

A nice aspect of the iphone is that the text messages sort of serve as a digital diary....I'd like to preserve that but try a new operating system....can I? Thanks for any input...
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Do you specifically want/need to have the messages saved in your new phone as messages or do you just want to have them for future reference? There are apps that will back up your texts to email. (I use an Android phone but I know I looked for and found apps like that for a friend with an iphone--I searched for "SMS backup.")
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If all you want is to keep the old messages, the easiest way is to extract the SMS database from a backup of the iphone. It's a SQLite DB. Pretty good write-up here. I don't think getting it into your winphone's SMS history is very approachable.
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There's no standard I'm aware of for transferring SMS logs between phones. You'll definitely be able to yank and archive them as mentioned above, just not insert them into the new phone's logs (unless you want to muck around with WinPhone's own SMS database manually)
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