How can I remove some stains from unsealed slate tiles?
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I recently purchased a used coffee table with unsealed slate tiles. There are a few small dark stains on the tiles, perhaps from beer or soda. I tried scrubbing a stain with dishwashing soap and a sponge, but it didn't work. Are there any simple solutions or products that I can use?
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Magic Eraser FTW! Well, in theory at least. I've yet to run into a mark I couldn't use it effectively on.
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Try baking soda. Just make a paste with water, and rub gently on the spots. Don't do this on the wood, only on the tile.
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Also don't buy magic eraser. That's a wildly marked up brand name for what is simply Melamine Foam which you can buy on places like ebay for far less. Be aware that it is not a magic chemical product though. It is simply an extremely abrasive foam that works like sandpaper.
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Barkeepers Friend often works well. I know they stock it at Bed Bath & Beyond.
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