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Is there some sort of online calendar that can help me pick out weekends when people are most willing and able to attend an event? Obviously it's easy for me to look up Thanksgiving but more difficult for me to figure out things like NBA playoffs, school semesters starting, conflicts with popular wedding dates, airfare peaks, etc.
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Have you looked at Doodle?
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I'm assuming that what you mean here is not specific people, but people as a general class - "don't schedule your big conference on Super Bowl weekend, no one will come".

I don't know of anything that does that, but it sure does seem like a good idea. Some things, like popular wedding dates or airfare, are going to be hard to find (airfare in particular is not really freely given info by the airlines).

You might be able to do a semblance of this by googling the specific date(s) you have in mind. Then you might see something like "8/8/08" give "Thousands To Wed On 8/8/08". It won't catch more over-arching things like school breaks (which are highly locally variable) or even the weekend after a major holiday, but googling around the dates you're interested in would be at least one trick to use.
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Er, how exactly is Doodle supposed to recommend dates? I checked it out but it just looks like a general purpose scheduler.
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