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How do I remove a Mediaplex virus from my computer?

When I try to go to Kijiji, I'm redirected to Mediaplex. I gather from googling that this is some kind of virus. I need a reliable way to remove it. There are of course tons of things on google that claim to remove this thing, but I'm worried that I may get one that screws up my computer even worse. I trust Metafilter more than google. How do I get rid of this thing safely? Thanks!
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Have you taken a crack at the instructions on deezil's profile? It's pretty much the standard mefi answer for virus removal.
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Mediaplex seems to be an adware browser cookie. I don't know which browser you're using, but you should open your browser's cookies, search for mediaplex, then delete it. Then you need to set up an exception to block all cookies from mediaplex.com, or you'll just get it again. I also recommend blocking third party cookies in your security settings.
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Malwarebytes does a decent job cleaning up stuff like this (be sure to decline the trial mode for the pro version when running the first time). It's my first go-to before getting into the more serious scanners/tools. Try that, and try changing your homepage/removing any suspected add-ins/plug-ins. If they don't return there's a good chance you're in the clear.

You were right not to trust most of the google results for "Mediaplex Removal" as a lot of the top results have low scoring with Web of Trust (highly recommend installing this for your browser)

On top of that make sure you have a decent AV (anti-virus) solution installed. You don't need to pay to have good coverage. In fact, those days where you'd need an AV subscription for good protection are almost fully behind us. Security Essentials does the job just fine.

Only two other things I'd suggest for the future to avoid further problems would be to try operating as a limited rights user for most tasks, having a dormant admin account for when elevation is needed. Also patching is important, not just Windows Updates. Secunia PSI keeps on top of 3rd party vulnerabilities nicely.

Of course all of this is assuming this is for a Windows PC. If Malwarebytes comes up empty, also try TDSSKiller to check for common rootkits.
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