Typeset my equations--as vector graphics
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I am trying to create math worksheets in Adobe Illustrator. I would like to not manually build the equation layout. Is there a math typesetting program (like LaTeX) that creates vector graphics I can plug directly into AI? Free/stupidly easy to use/OS X compatible are the key requirements.
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Yes, LaTeX. If you had the whole package installed, this little utility, LaTeXiT, would do it for you. But I don't think it'll work without installing MacTeX, etc, which you might not want to do (the download takes ~1 hr).

There are online solutions, but that seems like a pain.
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(I should add, though, that if you're willing to install the TeX backend, LaTeXiT is truly stupidly easy to use once you understand the math markup. Put in the code, click "LaTeX it!" and drag the result into basically any program that you can insert a PDF/EPS/whatever into.)
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MathType? Its a graphical interface that is super easy and has no real learning curve.
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Tips.. find the setting in LaTeXiT that's something like "export as PDF outlines" so that you don't have to worry about those crazy Computer Modern fonts causing printing and PDF sharing issues. Use "Release clipping mask" to bust apart grouped or aligned equations. In my old version of CS3, I can't drag directly from LaTeXiT into an Illustrator window. First I have to drag LaTeXiT output to the desktop first, then drag the newly created file into Illustrator, then "embed" it so I can delete the temporary desktop file. Thanks, Adobe. As always, you're fantastic!!
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