Help me replace my favorite (long lost) winter coat
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I had this Marvin Richards Stand Collar coat and I was madly in love with it. Tragically, it was thrown away by accident three years ago. Help me find something like it.

Things I loved about this coat (in order of importance to me):
  • Shape - I'm a fat, kind of pear-shaped lady (5'7-8" size 16-18) and I felt like a god damned princess in this coat. The waist was pretty high and the bottom is full (fabric was gathered in the back, see the second picture here.
  • Length - this coat went down almost to my knees, if I recall correctly, and I loved that. It doesn't need to be that long, but I hate coats that are so short they barely go past the waist.
  • Wool and cashmere blend - so soft! I'm absolutely willing to compromise on this, but I liked that it was warm without being too scratchy.
  • Stand collar - I think it looked nice and it was warm even when I forgot a scarf, but this is another thing I'm not dead set on.
Other requirements/preferences:
  • Cost - I can spend about $200.
  • Location - I'm in DC, so any shops around here or anywhere online would be fine.
  • Color - I prefer black, charcoal grey, or navy blue, but might consider other colors if the coat is otherwise awesome.
  • Single or double-breasted is fine.
I'd appreciate any suggestions you have for me. The more specific, the better. Thank you!
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This one at Macy's is very similar, except in the collar.

This Betsy Johnson one with a corset will be as flattering, and very fashion forward. Also at Macy's.

This one from Burlington Coat Factory has a similar shape, and a fur collar.

I got a fabulous Russian Cossack Coat at Burlington about 20 years ago and I love that thing like crazy. I bought it in Florida and I live in Georgia, so I get to wear it on vacation and maybe twice a year. It's so awesome.
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I found a bunch

7 (not the stand collar but full skirt)
9 many
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Would either of these do 1 2? They have the empire waist and full bottom and are wool, but neither looks as soft as your original. This one is a bit different, but I thought it looked cool with high waist and standing collar as a well as a full bottom.

ASOS has a few in this style (1 2 3), but they are only about 60% wool which isn't great. If I were you I would go through Overstock's styles every once in a while and check out a Loehmanns or Marshalls (I've had good luck at the Loehmanns in Falls Church for coats). You'll get good quality but still be on your budget.

(Also "swing coat" is sometimes a term used for this high waisted/full skirted look, if that helps you search).
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Here's one more from Lands' End. A tiny bit above your budget, but really good quality (wool + cashmere), and the shape seems right (with a pleat in the back).

{I just happened to be winter jacket shopping myself!}
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This one at Asos is similar, but without the stand collar.

This is double your budget but, OMG, it's gorgeous.

This one is corduroy
, but it has the right collar.

This one has a hood and some embroidered detail.
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Thanks, everyone! I ordered this ASOS button swing coat in navy and I love it! If anyone else looks at this, I recommend ordering a size smaller than usual. I ordered an 18 thinking I'd need that for bulky sweaters and whatnot underneath, but I ended up exchanging for a 16 which fits perfectly.
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