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Inspired by Tiger and Woods' Gin Nation (sampling Imagination's Music & Lights), if I wanted to create some remixes of favorite old tracks, what software package would best enable me to do this? Cost is not so much of an issue, but I don't want to buy some package that I'll drown in and don't necessarily need all the bells and whistles of. I know there's a lot out there - that all come in basic/ normal/ whizz-bang versions - but need some help navigating.

Melodyne looks interesting (I watched the demixing video) - not sure if that could only be used for extraction, or as a full remixing package.
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Ableton live. Melodyne is too complicated and not as useful as it appears.
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Ableton Live is a program that is simple enough at first glance, but goes very, very, very, very, very deep. It's ability to warp pitch, tempo and create instant loops is legendary and possibly untouched by any other piece of software ever released, so if you want to make edits (which is technically what Tiger & Woods do, rather than straight up remixes), then that's probably the way to go.
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Ableton Live is the go-to tool for this. Renoise is substantially less expensive, and does a lot (but not all) of the same things that Ableton does. The Elektron Octatrack is great for live use, but will be more limited than either Ableton or Renoise.

Whichever route you take, the learning curve is quite steep, particularly if you have no background in electronic music. There are a bunch of forums out there, so you may want to start by finding a forum that has a community that you feel you can fit in to, and then pick up the tools that they are best able to help you with.
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