How to assign keyboard shortcuts to browser bookmarks.
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How can I create keyboard shortcuts for browser bookmarks on a Macbook Pro?

I'd like to take a few of my favorite bookmarks and assign them to specific keyboard combinations such that hitting that combination will both open the browser application and load the website. Is this possible on my Macbook Pro? Ideally, I'd like to also add a few key clicks to the process so that I'm also logged in to the various websites. I tried Apple Script but all I could get was the browser itself to open. I couldn't get it to recognize the bookmark.

Is any of this possible and, if so, how?
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Are these bookmarks going to be changing often? I'm not sure about bookmarks, but you can easily use AppleScript to open any URL you want in your default browser:

open location ""

So basically instead of opening the bookmark (which may be possible too), you just put the bookmark's URL straight into your AppleScript and proceed.

(There's also a discussion at this Apple forum post that gets into slightly more detail about manipulating tabs and whatnot)
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QuicKeys, commercial software.
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