How do I get my Apple wireless mouse to work?
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How do I get my Apple wireless mouse to work? I was typing away on my iMac (18 months old, software up-to-date) when I got a message to change the batteries. I did. The batteries are new. Nothing. I tried another set of batteries. Still nothing. I've looked at all the forums and can't figure out what's wrong. Any thoughts, please???
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I know this sounds obvious, but.. having done the same myself I found that I'd put the batteries in the wrong way. It was easy to do. Have you checked that?
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Response by poster: oh god...(!!!)
um, thanks, MuffinMan.
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So, mouse fixed? :)
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If that doesn't help, flip the little power switch on the mouse a few times and then see if that fixes things. Turning Bluetooth on and off can help as well.
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One trick I found (after *much* forum hunting) is that when the thing won't connect, but you really think it ought to, just clicking it once makes all the difference in the world.
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Sounds you like you solved the problem already but I have to say to anyone with this problem, that if you squeeze the top and bottom of the mouse together after changing the batteries it will stop that blinking light action while it tries to find the computer and instantly connect it. I kept googling solutions while my mouse power light blinked on and off for long periods of time and I would keep checking to make sure I put fully charged batteries in and made sure they were in right but still couldn't get it to connect. It drove me crazy until I finally squeezed the mouse in frustration. This works on both my work and home mouse, so I'm guessing most if not all of them are poorly designed so that the connectors or whatever the term is don't line up the the batteries quite right unless you firmly push them all the way in. Hope this helps someone, if not the OP in this particular case!
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