Customized weather alerts
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Where can I get a customized weather alert?

I'd like to receive an email message or an RSS item (not a text message - have no smartphone) when the weather forecast for a particular place met certain criteria. I can only find alerts for severe conditions -- typhoons, tornadoes, blizzards, floods.
For example, when the forecast for Wednesday in Toronto was going to be above 18° C with a probability of precipitation below 50% and sunny skies, I'd like an email message.

I've looked at this question and Yahoo Pipes and IFTTT look good. And this question doesn't seem to be quite what I want.

Has anyone done anything like that using Pipes or IFTTT? Is it as easy as it looks?

Or does any web site or weather service already do what I want?
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IFTTT can only do a simple test. It can notify you if the temperature is > 18° C, say, or if it's going to rain, but not a dual/multiple test (as far as I know).

You can have it generate a message that contains the condition, temperature, etc., but the test has to be a single test.
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A really messy solution that I'm pretty sure is possible but wouldn't have the expertise to carry out: You could (probably) set up a dummy email account to receive single-item notices ">18C" and "<50% rain", and then a script to check that incoming mail and send an alert to your real account if both notifications are present. I don't know enough about processing incoming email to know how to do that, though.
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The Weather Channel has email or sms alerts for severe weather. I've used it for years and it works great, the only annoyance is that you sometimes get 8 emails in an hour as they update conditions.
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Dark Sky has an API that can give you point-specific information. It's typically extremely accurate in the short-term.
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