Kingsquest can be cool again.
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I need a new quest or adventure, I'd rather like it to be focused on a particular event. I was temporarily obsessed with the idea of tour skating and the 11 cities tour, but it seems it hasn't happened since 1997 so locking in a multi-month preparation in 2012 seems a little optimistic. So I'm looking for other unusual events that I might be able to participate in, or locations where tour skating is still viable.

By way of further explanation, I have zero skills. I really like kayaks, stand up paddleboarding, kickbikes, and rollerblades, but totally open to exploring something new in order to participate.

Location is irrelevant, is there something cool in your area?
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WaterTribe runs water-based ultra-races in Florida.
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How about a cross-country ski marathon like the Vasaloppet is Sweden, the Norwegian Birkebeinerrennet, the Swiss Engadin ski marathon, or (closer to where I live) the American Birkebeiner in Wisconsin? You'd have to master a new skill and travelling to and participating in the race would be an adventure.
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Also Netherlands-based: the Vierdaagse happens every summer in Nijmegen.
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If you're looking for non-traditional marathons, randonneuring might be up your alley. There are many events all over the world.
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ah ... well ... you'd not even get an entry into the elfstedentocht unless you were already a member of the society, and even then it is a "50/50 chance" as there are more members than can safely compete.

You can still do it on inline skates (skeelers in dutch) ... see here and here

You can also do smaller "tours" all over holland if the weather is suitable ... but it generally isn't. However this year I did part of a short one outside of Amsterdam.

You can also go to lake weissensee
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