Return address labels?
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Can you suggest some place to buy custom return address labels, who have a good reputation and tasteful templates? Google has a thousand tacky options that all seem the same.
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I've always had good luck with Checks In The Mail. They have all kinds of patterns to choose from (I like Blue Safety--Yawn).

Good prices, and I've always been happy.
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Try your local print shop. They could probably customize something to exactly what you want.
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American Stationery.
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Or, have someone design exactly what you want, and then print them up as you need them on Avery labels — lots of size options available.
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Depends on a definition of tasteful, but Staples can do return address labels. They do anything from stock templates to pretty much full custom.
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You could also consider something like a custom rubber stamp.
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You can design your own or use a template on 123Print. I use them for all my stationery, and I'm satisfied.
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Best answer: I really liked the moving announcements (and matching labels) we recently ordered from Tiny Prints. Their prices seemed high at first, and we priced out something similar (but not nearly as cool) at crappy places like VistaPrint.. only to find that the shipping at VistaPrint is really high.
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Response by poster: I picked TinyPrints since they have a free shipping promo, and I could try out a few designs since there's really no volume discount. Not cheap but I like their designs. And I'm not sure I really need 250 identical address labels, which is what most of the others offer.

123Print seems fine if you do want quantity but their shipping was $11 on a $10 item.

Staples also seems fine and has full customization, but no clear labels and if I'm going to get generic black & white ones, I'd like clear to match the envelope. And I never got to see their shipping cost.
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Best answer: You can buy clear labels, load the template into a word processor, and print on a laser printer. Good quality, the quantity of your choice, etc. Not happy doing your own design? Send me your particulars, and I'll do it up in Word.
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