What might be causing round marks on an Asian or Asian-American woman's back?
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At the gym over the past few months, I have seen a few Asian or Asian-American 60-something women with their backs covered with 1.5-inch - diameter circular marks. Does anyone know what may have caused these marks? Are they the result of a medical condition? A medical treatment? A common injury or abuse? The largest Asian-American population here is Korean. The marks are varying in intensity, so it looks like they occurred over a period of time.
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Best answer: Cupping therapy.
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Best answer: cupping therapy?
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Best answer: Cupping therapy!
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Best answer: Cupping therapy.
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Response by poster: After googling images for cupping therapy, I'm going to declare this one solved. Thank you!
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Check out a picture of Gwyneth Paltrow from the late 90s. Girlfriend was a cupping fiend.
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about ten years ago, i actually got some cupping done when i had such a pain on the left side of my neck and shoulders that i couldn't turn my head. i wasn't expecting much, but it actually totally worked.
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And the end of Dangerous Liasons.
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Cupping is so awesome. I have a set at home that you can do yourself. It helps with not only muscle fatigue and pain, but it will shorten the life of a cold and other ailments. The interesting thing is, a bruised mark only appears if there is a problem in the spot where the cup is placed. If there is no issue, there will not be a spot.
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I occasionally see people out and about here in China who've had one done on their forehead. Not tried more than the traditional back myself.
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Cupping doesn't really have any of the claimed medical effects, aside from feeling good and maybe having some massage like effects. And it certainly doesn't only bruise where there is a "problem", that kind of suction will always cause bruising, and there really aren't any problems being targeted. It won't shorten the life of a cold.

Also, it's not particularly dangerous, but it can be painful and there is a potential for injury (incl. burns) especially if done incorrectly. And some cupping involves bleeding which of course adds to the risks.

It's quite old and widespread among different cultures, probably because people enjoy it.
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Raidallinen has it. I've done it several times (I live in Seoul) and meh.
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