Getting invisible objects to cast shadows in Maxwell for SketchUp?
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In Maxwell for SketchUp, is there a way I can get a transparent object to cast a shadow?

I'd like to render a cut plan view of a building which will give me a sense of the direct and ambient sunlight in each room. In SketchUp itself, I can use a transparent PNG texture on the ceiling/roof to occlude sunlight while looking into the building from above, but Maxwell (being much more accurate I guess) lets the sun in.

I've thought about extruding the walls to above and behind the camera, but I don't think this is an option because it won't take into account light coming in through skylights and voids; and going room by room placing the camera just under the ceiling would involve too much perspective distortion. So is there a way to get an invisible Maxwell material to cast a shadow, or another way to do this?

I'm using only Maxwell for SketchUp, but I do have access to the full Maxwell Suite at university. I'm considering a switch to VRay at the moment because it seems to ignore the transparency of PNG textures by default, but would prefer to learn to do this with Maxwell if possible.
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Response by poster: My sincere apologies—objects can be hidden form the camera but made to affect the lighting of the scene if they are grouped in SketchUp, and you right click > Maxwell > From Camera > Enabled.
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