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Anybody know much about interstate unemployment (United States) claims? I'm in need of urgent assistance. A blizzard of special snowflake details inside.

In 2011, I was laid off from my job in Delaware. I moved to Texas and began collecting unemployment in November of 2011 (from Delaware, since that's the state that laid me off). In February, I began to work, and continue to work, in a VERY part-time job. It's a job where you get called in to work about 5 or so days a month, spread out.

When I first started reporting this job to the unemployment authorities, they took away my benefits and explained to get them reinstated, Texas would have to file an "IB1" electronic form. After wrangling with Texas' unemployment commission for some time, I got this done and resumed receiving benefits.

Now those benefits are exhausted, and Delaware has said that they need another IB1 form from Texas. They (as far as I know) filed that on Wednesday. Today, Monday, Delaware still has not received the IB1 form. I'm starting to get a little freaked out because I have bills due in the next few days that are gonna bounce if I do not get more money in my bank account, or huge overdraft fees if my bank covers them. Then rent is due in a week in a half.

My sister is giving me $250, but that will only just about cover my bills (she can't send it to me 'til Friday, probably won't get it until Monday or Tuesday via Paypal) and overdraft fees. That leaves my $625 rent due. Oh, and food. I'm out of groceries. I will have to buy some, but of course that will cut deeper into what I can't play for bills and rent unless I get swift resolution to this IB1 claim.

The first time I went through the IB1 ordeal, I don't remember it taking more than a few days. Talking to the Delaware Unemployment folks, one agent told me it usually takes 48 hours (already has elapsed) and another one told me about a week. The Texas folks didn't know how long it would take (it's an electronic process so I've no idea why it should take so long) I've been calling every day since Wednesday and they have not received it yet.

So I also called the National Association of State Workforce Agencies, and they said the IB1 processing time is usually 4-6 weeks (!!) Thankfully that does not jibe with my own experience but that it could even conceivably take that long has me quite afraid. My sister cannot give me more money and my support system is pretty small and poor. I have in the past taken out payday loans, but a) the fees for doing so are exorbitant, and b) if this isn't resolved quickly I don't know when I would be able to pay THAT money back. I don't want this problem to snowball.

So I'm looking for advice on two fronts: 1) Resolving my immediate cashflow problem (obviously I am looking for work but even if I get a fulltime job today I'm not going to get paid in time to resolve this). 2) Managing and staying on top of, and getting as speedy-as-possible resolution my in-the-works claim. I googled a bit for unemployment advocacy but couldn't find anything for Texas. I'm out of ideas and getting very worried.
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I have no idea about the Unemployment part of your question. But what I don't know about jankity finances, isn't worth knowing.

Here are some strategies that can help RIGHT NOW!

1. There is a day labor force that you can tap into. Labor Ready has a motto, Work Today, Get Paid Today. Frankly, were I you, I'd look into it.

2. Emergency Food Stamps.

3. Food Bank.

You say you have "bills that will bounce." This confuses me. Bills may go unpaid, but only checks bounce. Did you write checks for money that wasn't yet in your account? If so, why? NEVER do this.

This should get you started.
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