Pendant watch?
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Show me a nifty watch that's worn as a pendant around the neck

Sometimes I just get really annoyed by the feeling of something around my wrist, but I still want to be able to see what time it is. I'm wondering if there are any decent watches that are designed to be worn around the neck as a pendant? Gender is female, age is upper 30s, fashion style is best characterized by the Fossil brand - a little urban hipster, a little classic, a little geeky (not too "young" looking but not stodgy either).
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How about this?
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I have a bunch of antique pendant watches from my grandmother. They're really neat.

This page seems to offer a few more modern versions.
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While not generally worn around the neck, it would seem to be that the cellphone should be the equivalent of the pocket watch in our day in age. Most current phones have an external display with the time and date. And it is an item you are carrying around usually anyways. If you are concerned about receiving calls at work, you can turn your phone to airplane mode or at least to silent during the work day.

I haven't made the just to this myself (partly because I am having general cellphone "issues" right now) but I think this will become more the trend.
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Unfortunately I keep my cellphone in my purse so it's too much work to get it out, and it's not with me when I'm wandering around the building. The benefit of a watch is the sheer thoughtlessness of being able to check it.

I had the idea, to combat the problem that the iPod shuffle does not have an internal clock and thus does not update the "Last Played Date", thereby messing up specially customized smart playlists, that they should team up with Fossil and build a cute little watch display in the middle of the round part, which you could check real quick while the shuffle was hanging around your neck or on your belt loop. Any Apple employees reading this are free to adopt my idea so long as you send me a few of the resulting product.
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Years ago, my sister got a ladybug necklace pendant, where you hold it by the antenna and the wing-casings open to reveal a watch underneath. Since then, it seems to have been made or copied by lots of manufacturers, so you can get it in silver, gold, painted colours, whatever you prefer.
GIS for ladybug watch
Most of the images are the gold one open, which I don't think is the most helpful, but ah well.
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I used to wear a watch pendant and while it was pretty, I didn't like it because it was a little heavy and would swing and knock me in the chest when I moved around. It was all metal with enamel on the lid. It was very pretty, but to me the swinging around wasn't worth it.
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ok, not a pendant, though i know i have the same problem of hating something on my wrist (don't like weight on my neck either though) and i'm dying to try this (looks like something u can slide on your bag or arm too).
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There is no other choice but the Phillipe Starck Pendant, made by Fossil.

I think they're discontinued, but you can still find them on eBay occasionally, and last month I was at a Fossil factory outlet store and they were blowing out these $80+ pendants for $20USD. Stainless steel and plastic, they're cheap enough to buy a few in case you're clumsy.
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