I need me some more Dexter!
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Is there a way to catch the new, upcoming season of Dexter since I don't have Showtime?

That's it, basically - just wondering if there is some other avenue to get the new episodes, I'm sure this is a long shot since everyone would do it without having to pay big bucks for cable. I found this link, but not sure if the information provided there is relevant. I've asked around to co-workers and friends, one person has Showtime. Figured I'd check other avenues first before I go that route (websites?).

Greatly appreciate any info!
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Private torrent sites are pretty great.
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You may have to spend some time going through dead links, though I find there aren't that many.
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Not just torrents but downloads from various websites. They are very very very easy to find.

Now if you are asking if you can watch it legally, not so sure. Perhaps you can watch it online using your friend's account?
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Personally, I just wait six months and get it from Netflix - Same as I do with all the TV I watch. Then I watch the entire season at once, on some slow rainy weekend. No commercials, no annoying cliffhangers, no forgetting what happened in the last episode.

I suppose you could just pirate it, as ryanrs suggests, but... Why bother? For anything you can get legally for a pittance, well... I have nothing against piracy, but do you speed for the sake of speeding, or do you speed to get there quicker? :)
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Ok, it's official - I am wayyyy behind the times - first I've heard of torrent sites.

and pla, it takes 6 Long Months before Netflix has it??? Ugh.
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Amazon instant video has it.
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Amazon instant video appears to have seasons up to and including Season 6, but not Season 7, which is the one the OP is asking about.
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Sent you a memail.
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season seven doesn't start until next Sunday. I think Amazon will probably have it and allow you to begin streaming it the next day.
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I don't know for sure whether they will have Dexter ongoing throughout the new season, but Amazon Instant Video did not have the most recent season of Nurse Jackie available while it was still airing on Showtime, nor was Homeland available while it aired last season. Amazon gets the previous season of these Showtime shows sometime prior to a new season starting, but not while the season is still airing, in my experiences.
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Not that I know anything about such matters, but bit torrents are your friend. Fenopy.eu is, I am told, a good place to start.
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Not sure about where you live, but here in NYC I can think of at least two bars that show Dexter every Sunday night. Tons of people go and there are big screens and everyone is really into it. That's how I watch all my HBO/Showtime shows.
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Silverstatue, not sure it would help the OP, but I'd love to know the names of those bars. Thanks!
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