Reading RPG PDFs on the iPad
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I'm looking for a PDF reader app for my iPad. Challenge level: RPG books. I'm experimenting with using my iPad to read the rules books for D&D, Pathfinder, etc. during the game. Key features that I need: 1) Jump to an arbitrary page number; 2) Find word/phrase within the document; 3) Renders quickly even with large files with lots of graphics; 4) Ability to add bookmarks within the PDF file would be a huge plus; 5) Ability to sort files within the app with folders would be a minor plus. Recommendations?
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Goodreader, which is hands own the best iPad PDF reader out there.
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Er, "hands down."
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I like GoodReader. It allows jumping, searching, loads pretty quickly, I can't recall if it allows anchors, but the highighting feature works pretty well, and it plays well with DropBox. I use it for reports and RPG books.
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PDF Expert has the fastest PDF reading engine of all the PDF apps I have tried.

The only pdf files I have that it struggles slightly with are 300mb+ in size and made up of hundreds of high res scans of an art book. - even then it is still responsive & usable.

It has all of the features that you are requesting, it can also open multiple pdfs with nifty bottom tabs - which might be useful if you need to keep say a rulebook & an expansion book or similar open at the same time and keep track of your place in both.

It is $9.99 which is moderately pricey for the app store but seems much better than any other PDF app I have tried and it is regularly updated.

Goodreader gets alot of plaudits but I found it slower & poorly designed.
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I have also been using Goodreader for RPG books, although I use small enough books that I do most of my hunting by hand.
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Goodreader. Done.
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Nthing GoodReader.
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I used and loved iAnnotate during my PhD and it saved my ass, though, that said, I've never used Goodreader.
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