Looking for an old sci-fi book
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Looking for a science fiction book that I read back in the 70's-ish. It was about a guy who was in a jungle way way into the future. A few key points that should a ring a bell are: 1. There were these humanoid creatures that were short and fat and connected to a main plant by an umbilical cord. The main actor cut one of these cords and these "tummytommies" (some weird name like that) then became irritable. 2. There were these "balloons" floating around the jungle with long ropes dragging in the trees. It turned out that these were creatures that would catch prey with those sticky appendages and begin pulling the victim up to their chattering teeth. 3. This was when the world was very old and, I believe the story ended with the world ending. That's about all I remember.
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Best answer: Brian Aldiss’ Hothouse?
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Pohl's JEM?
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Best answer: Yes, I was going to say it sounds very much like Hothouse.
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I was thinking JEM as well but isn't there another race that lives underground in that one? Doesn't quite fit.
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Best answer: It's definitely Hothouse - the creatures are called tummybellies.
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Best answer: I agree, it was Hothouse. Loved that book. It was the first sci-fi I ever read.
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Response by poster: You guys/gals are simply amazing! I knew I'd find the answer here of all places, especially after being able to find Pick A Peck of Puzzles a few years ago here.

Thank you so much.
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