Where is the best place online to determine the price of a limited edition giclee print by artist Ashley Wood?
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ComicBookArt(ist)Filter: Where can I find out how much a limited edition giclee print by artist Ashley Wood is worth (if such things are even worth much, not being the original art)?

I bought the thing probably 8 years ago? , put it in a super cool frame, and now I want to sell it, if it's worth somethin'. There were only 10 of these run, signed by the artist, and I believe it was titled "Kitty and Bot". I see that's he's become pretty popular amongst the people who dig what he does, and some of his stuff appears to be sold for anywhere from $100 to several thousand dollars on ebay. Is there a 'best' site I can go to to find out exactly what this print is worth? I can't find a hit on this print or an image of it anywhere with my google-fu.
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It's worth what people will pay for it, basically.

You're going to get a better deal on ebay than virtually anywhere else, just make sure you set the reserve high enough ($300?) so if it doesn't get noticed, no one swoops in and grabs it for a pittance.
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Response by poster: Ok - yes, that's true ("worth what people will pay for it") but trying to ballpark the thing first seems like a good idea rather than say, posting a price that nobody would ever, ever pay. : ) Typically I do the same thing for other things than this art here (electronics, clothing etc) but usually you can determine what things are approximately worth with ze Googles.
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You might have some luck on Ashley Wood's company's forums(threeA Toys) - at the very least it's filled with people who'd know his art well, although it is probably really focused on more of his toy work.

Otherwise...the robot is Popbot, if it helps the googling!
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