iPhone, why do you hate public transportation?
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I did something stupid today and 'updated' my iPhone 4 to iOS 6.0. The new Maps app doesn't include public transportation options (as Google Maps did previously) which I use extensively here in San Francisco. What are my options? Will anything be as seamless as the Google Maps app was?
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Best answer: Though nothing's been officially announced, it's widely expected that Google will be releasing a standalone Maps app that will work more-or-less like the old one did. Also, you can currently get pretty much the same functionality (including transit directions) by heading to maps.google.com in Mobile Safari.
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You can restore your phone from its most recent backup. (You backed up before upgrading, right?) You can also wait until Google releases an app store-available Maps app, as they are widely expected to do shortly.
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Best answer: I can't speak to SF specifically, but in NYC, HopStop is a more reliable/accurate public transit info service than Google Maps (although I'm still avoiding upgrading for this very reason.) It looks like it has info for SF, so try giving that a shot until Google throws their hat in the ring.
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Best answer: See previously. It seems like your best bet is to use maps.google.com in Safari and install it as a web app by selecting "Add to Home Screen" from the bookmark menu.
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You can restore your phone from its most recent backup.

Wrong. You can restore user contents and apps, but you can't downgrade to a previous version of iOS. Once you've updated an iOS device there is no going back.
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You can downgrade from iOS 6 if you meet a specific set of requirements, but it involves jailbreaking and mucking around with firmware which is probably more trouble than its worth.
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The Transporter app is great for SF public transportation stuff. I use it pretty much exclusively even with google maps.
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OpenPlans had a Kickstarter campaign for their transit app, which was funded last month. No idea when Open Trip Planner will be ready for prime time.
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Seconding Transporter app. After I downloaded it I rarely touched Google's Maps again. (At least in SF.) Doesn't just give routes and schedules but finds your nearest station/stop and live time of MUNI and BART trains.
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When I lived in the Bay Area (Oakland/SF) I loved iCommute SF. It wasn't really a trip planner though- you just kept track of your favorite routes and stops, and it would figure out the nearby stops. If you take public transit regularly though- that's generally all you need.
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I've used Hopstop in SF and NYC. It works great in both cities.
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511.org has a comprehensive list of third party apps on their site (also their own).
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Transporter is consistently crashing when I try it. iCommute has been pretty reliable for me, and it has essentially the same feature set.
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