Upside-down-gardening apparatus. How did you do it?
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I'm very keen to try growing my tomatoes upside down next year. Do you have any suggestions on what to hang the buckets from?

I'm looking for something free standing, cheap and attractive. This looks great, but it's $50 and seems to be unavailable in Canada.

I bet there's some material I could pick up at home depot that would work great, if only I knew what it was. I'm not keen on constructing something big and clunky out of two-by-fours.
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I hung my tomato bucket from a very strong ceiling plant-hook. A friend uses her balcony railing. You can definitely also get plant hangers in Canada, though maybe not that exact model. Try a hardware store, although at this time of year pickings might be slim.

How tidy do you like things? The tomatoes only have to be a couple feet up; they don't ming dragging or ceeeping along the ground. They don't actually need to be overhead unless that's an aesthetic you prefer.
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I'll be converting tomato plants tomorrow using a hanging basket with a "husk" type of lining. I'll cut a slit/hole in the husk and sliding the tomato through and then covering wih dirt. I grew the plants from seeds and found the baskets on super clearance.
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I also used my balcony railing - I got some a bird feeder hook that clamps onto the rail from Home Depot for about $15; worked like a charm.
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