"Marry me" in Marathi?
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Can anyone tell me more about this CD of Indian wedding music?

I bought this CD from an Indian grocery store and want to learn more about it. I can read enough Devanagari to figure out that one of the words is "Marathi," so it's possible that the words are in Marathi and not Hindi or another dialect. The image clearly shows it to be wedding music. That's all I can uncover, even after showing it to people from India. So are there any Mefites who can tell me more?

Here is the back cover of the CD case, with track listing.

Thanks / sukriya everybody!
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You're right, it's Marathi. The title is "Vajla Lagnacha Danka", which means "The Wedding Drums Have Sounded" - it's an album of the kinds of songs you would hear at an Indian wedding party.

The singers are Babulnath Naik and Sadhna Naik, and the composer is Milind Mohite.
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Awesome! Now if anyone can translate / explain the titles for the individual tracks...
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Turns out you can stream it online if you'd like - http://tbr.smashits.com/vajala-lagnacha-danka/songs-33421.html. Apparently, it's all the way from 1996.

As for song explanation, my Marathi's crap, but best shot:

1) Yamuchya Lagnat - Yamu's Wedding - might have something to do with the goddess Yami?
2) Madka Phutla Maticha - The Earthen Pots Broke - Celebrations include smashing pots sometimes
3) Aaho Hya Karvalin - Oh These Karvalin - Karvalin are sisters of the bridegroom
4) Band Bajaya Gajarat - Sound the Band, Gajarat
5) Chal Chal Bahini - Go, Go, Sister
6) Pori Nako Radu Aashi - Girls, Don't Cry
7) Halad Lagatachi Aangala - Turmeric Sticks to the Body - Brides/groom are adorned/showered with turmeric powder
8) Pori Tuzhya Lagnachi - Child, In Your Wedding...
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Uncle, your Marathi is not that bad, few corrections below

4) Band Bajaya Gajarat - In the sound (this is somewhere between pleasant music to cacophony) of Band baja (band baja is a band that plays music at the wedding),

6) Pori Nako Radu Aashi - Dear daughter (referring to the bride) don't cry.

7) Halad Lagatachi Aangala - As soon as turmeric paste is applied to you (detailed explanation, this is the first step of a wedding ceremony where the bride and grooms are 'purified' by applying turmeric paste and are not supposed to take bath until after the wedding is over. The song refers to this step)

8) Pori Tuzhya Lagnachi - Bride (story of, most likely) your wedding.

BTW, thanks in Marathi is Aabhar or Dhanyawad. (Shukriya is more Hindi/Urdu/arabic word)
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