Finding a driving partner for a very long one-way Canadian trip.
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What would be the best and safest way to find a ride share on a long one-way (Toronto->Yellowknife) Canadian road trip?

It looks quite likely that I'm going to be offered a job in Yellowknife in the very short term. While my employer is willing to fly me, I would like very much to bring my vehicle and a number of personal belongings, so that I don't have to muck about with buying a new vehicle there and shipping things.

Google maps indicates that the drive is ~67hrs (I prefer to drive through Canada rather than cross the border) in total, and while I can certainly do long distance drives, this one feels too long to do on my own.

I'm already a member of couchsurfing, so I thought I might try there, but I'm not sure whether there's a really great ride sharing website that already exists, or if not whether I'm better off with craigslist in Toronto. I know craigslist isn't that widely used in Canada, so maybe kijiji's my best bet?

I would like to maximize both the distance travelled with a partner and the safety of the endeavour. I would be happy to take someone only a part of the way, or even pick someone up after I've travelled solo through Winnipeg.

How would you organize this search, and what tools would you use?
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This is not an answer to your question, but it will probably by loads cheaper to pay a moving company to ship your car and belongings than drive across country. Your employer might chip in, too.
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Not necessarily a bad idea. I don't have much in the way of belongings, and the car is a diesel, so it gets tremendous mileage, but I'll price moving companies and see what they say.
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Wasn't there a FPP recently, like within the last day, that addressed hitchhiking and some sort of human verification regimen? Perhaps look there for a breadcrumb trail since this is sort of the contrapositive of someone looking to carpool because you're looking for someone to share the driving, if not the journey, right?
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If you're company is doing relocation, will they pay to ship your car?

I've had my car moved several times and it's worth it. You're looking at about a week long drive with hotel and food expenses. Shipping the car would be a bargain in comparison. Ask about what you're allowed to pack in the car. I've always been allowed to fill and lock the truck for no additional fee.
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Thank you all for talking some sense into me. I'm flying up there tomorrow so I'll be able to see exactly what they can offer, and this sounds like a great solution.
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Some questions to ask the company:

1. Will they pay for storage at your home of record? (If this is something that interests you).

2. Are you allowed an unaccompanied baggage allowance (UAB?) - Essentially, this is just them paying for extra baggage via air freight. Oftentimes companies do this when they're providing housing / furnishings in the new location.

3. Will they do a ground shipment / ship your car?

Also, consider if your car is worthy of the North. You may need to have a block heater installed, get snow tires or chains, and otherwise spiff it up quite a bit. Depending on what you have, it's possible that it might be better in the long run to buy something used up there (especially if no 4WD).

My husband has driven from the East Coast of the US to Anchorage (up the Alcan) many a time, and it's a doable thing, but he's an outdoorsy sort who loves camping along the way. It's definitely doable, but if you have other options, I would take them.
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