Family cell phone plans
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Please choose a family cell plan for us.

We are four adults, we all want iPhones, we call and text a lot but not over 700 minutes a month. I get confused by all the possibilities and just want someone to choose for us. We live in MN.
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What are your needs as far as mobile data?
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MyRatePlan and BillShrink should help narrow down your choices.
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T-Mobile does what they're now apparently calling value plans, where you buy the phones yourself (or buy them unsubsidised from T-Mobile) and don't have a contract. You spend money up front to buy the phone, but over the life of the plan this is cheaper (the monthly charges are less). That said, unlocked iPhones are incredibly expensive, which might well wipe out the savings. T-Mobile is not the only carrier that does the no contract/no phone subsidy plans.

(Having discovered this, I think I have to go mess about with our plan, as those are significantly cheaper than the old no contract family plans.)
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I don't know how to assess our needs. Normal?
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What network? What is your budget?

Get a Family Share plan from ATT, or the Verizon equivalent. You can probably get the 6GB Plan. Includes unlimited calling and messaging, 6gb of data. Can add or drop lines easily.
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