Multiple applications for similar Amazon openings?
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Amazon insiders, and/or HR savants: I am applying for a position at Amazon, through their "Careers at Amazon" site. I notice that there are several positions listed, with different ID numbers, but essentially similar roles in the same metro area. Is it prudent, imprudent, or a non-issue to apply for all of those? Do they all go past the same sets of eyes?
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If they are really similar (including being at almost exactly the same step on the ladder) and you meet the requirements for all of them, I wouldn't worry about it too much. They are separate hiring requisitions that might be handled by the same or different people, but your application will almost certainly go into a centralized system that will show you've applied to multiple positions. Really no big deal, as long as you're not just applying for everything, and you're not applying for C-suite and mail room simultaneously.

The cost of online recruiting is the flood of applications that come in-- seriously difficult to sort through. That gives you a lot of leeway, but also limits the chances that you'll hear anything back other than a form letter if not selected.

Used to be a corporate recruiter, worked in HR for a while too.
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I would say you really only need to apply once. All the recruiter groups I've worked with, and all the applicant tracking systems, share applicants across multiple positions.
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I'd be sure to include all the job IDs that you're interested, just to be sure that your resume gets marked correctly for the roles you're interested in. I agree with with charmcityblues, it can't hurt as long as it's not spammy :)
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Is this a case of "same title, slightly different responsibilities/requirements" or "same title, same job, different requisition id?" For an online application you can apply for multiple rec numbers and it won't hurt you, particularly (unless you've applied across an unrealistic range of positions), but if it's the latter case it probably won't help you, either.

Last I checked, when you apply with Amazon you create a profile where you can optionally add in a cover letter; you might use that space to mention titles of positions or areas of work you'd be particularly interested in.

I work in recruiting, and I used to work for Amazon, but not in hiring.
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Yes, apply to each one that you are interested in. If the numbers are different by a few digits and the job descriptions are similar, it will most likely be viewed by the same recruiter or by the recruiter in the cubicle next to them. If you are selected to come in for interviews for one or more of the positions, you'll have to apply to the specific job i.d.('s) online anyway to make it "official" and for your electronic profile to be tagged to that requisition in the tracking system they use for the interview/hiring process.

(I have worked in their recruiting department.)
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