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Looking for a good cleaning service in Ballard, WA.

I am a household manager of a family living in North Ballad WA. We need someone to come in on a weekly basis.

The house is about 2500sq ft with 3 levels
There are 3 bedrooms,
1 powder room and 2 full bathrooms
1 living room, and 2 family rooms
basement (where one of the family rooms is located)
laundry room
dining room
There is a cat however she stays in the laundry room 24/7
Only the basement and the master bedroom have carpet, the rest of the house has hard wood flooring.
It would be great if we found someone who was also willing to change the linen sheets every 2 weeks, however it is not necessary.

We have cleaning service on a weekly basis right now so we dont need a deep clean. On average, it takes 2 people to clean the house in 2hrs. Our budget is set at $125 weekly.

I've been searching for the last couple of weeks and it has been pretty hard. My boss doesn't want a big company (understandable), however she doesn't want someone who is $42 an hour. And due to problems in the past, there can be no language barrier. My employer prefers someone who speaks English well.

Can anyone help me out?
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Check your MeMail.
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